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How Can I (not) Be Down

This Is… Jake&Papa
By Maria-Karmina

Born and raised in the 818 (San Fernando Valley, California to be exact) this duo is incomparable to anything you have ever experienced before.

Jake&Papa is their name, and loving is their game. As independent artists, these two bring raw expressions of love by a way of music. Fortunately, with the help of what they call “The Family Imperial” (Managers: Nicky Garcia and Asa Davis) Jake&Papa have been living their independent dream. With only 20 months to separate the two, and 12 other siblings in the mix, Jake&Papa requires no separation; in every sense of that word (hence, no spacie in between their names. That’s not a mistake.)

If you’re wondering where these guys come from, they did not just come out of the woodworks. Jake&Papa have sung with some of the greatest. For example, the late-great Michael Jackson.

Make Love. Not War” is a phrase that these brothers don’t take lightly, with a firm belief that making love is the true answer to world peace. Jake was quoted in an interview on SIRIUS XM Radio’s, Sway in the Morning show saying,


“We feel like if everybody would just…make a little more love, there would be less time for hate. We can literally save the world by (having sex) more.”

Although that statement is as upfront as one can get, Jake&Papa would prefer to sing in a metaphorical and spiritual way as they continued to tell Sway

(Boyz II Men) said something not too long ago -- that the music being so blatant takes away from the richness of it, it takes away the culture of it. You can write a million songs about love because you can talk about it in so many different ways. But if you just say, ‘I love you’ it’s like okay, but what else? Compare it to the flowers, compare it to the clouds, compare it to the stars and you can talk about love in a million different ways. And that’s true creativity.”

Without a doubt the light that Jake&Papa have brought to the seemingly dead phase of R&B gives us hope for the future of music. This is…Jake&Papa.