This Is... Leroy Sanchez

By Maria-Karmina

With eyes that mirror the colors of the ocean, this Spanish bred (the Basque Country, to be exact) artist didn’t grow up with a respective musical background. No, rather, he followed his passion, stayed committed to his craft and bloomed on his own.

Having grown up under the roof of a hardworking carpenter Father, a Mother who was a maid; this artist has lived by an old Spanish proverb,

        “La vida no es un camino de rosas.”

Which in English translates to,

        “Life is not a bed of roses.”

Becoming the most viral sensation to come out of doing YouTube covers of your favorite radio tunes -- Leroy Sanchez has been hand-picked, as our artist highlight for the month of May. At only 25-years old, Sanchez is exclusively self-taught, and has worked his way to become a globally recognized household voice.

We want to help celebrate Sanchez’s graduation from YouTube, with his transition into the mainstream world, as he goes on to release his debut album titled, “Man of the Year” later this month.

So if his 2.6 million YouTube subscribers and 3+ million views on-average-per-video, doesn’t give you the chills - - certainly, watching his covers of Adele, Sia, Ed Sheeran and the likes, just might.

Want to know the key to his success? Consistency.

Yes, as simple as that sounds - - sticking to a regular scheduled post for YouTube, is what drove his career and continues to be the key factor in his climb up the industry.

Follow in his footsteps if you’d like, but this artist will be creating his own path from here on out. This is…Leroy Sanchez.