Jordan Clarkson Thrives to Be 6th Man

By Maria-Karmina

After hearing Magic Johnsons speech on Jordan Clarkson during JC6’s Youth Summer Basketball Camp, like many of you, I too questioned what a “6th Man” meant.

To put it simply, the “Sixth Man of the Year” Award is a prestigious title given by the league to the best performing player for a given team, coming off the bench as a substitute. And while rumors have been swirling around on whether or not JC would be traded to another team from the Los Angeles Lakers, he shot them down in a recent interview with The L.A. Times, stating:

        “That [stuff] will happen… Internet, people want to get clicks on their page…It’s part of the business. I love L.A. I’m staying here. Gotta put on this year.”

In other words, there will be no distraction of any sort for this Texas native this season. While some may know him for his relationships and connection to models like Chanel Iman and Kendall Jenner. Others know him for his solid work on the paint and phenomenal stance as an offensive player.

Truth be told, he threw me in a loop as I watched this 25-year old play one-on-one with the kids calling them by first name, at JC6 this summer. From the I.E. to Lafayette Park in L.A. – his parents, cousins and close friends are what holds the camp together.

But it was in those little moments where I saw JC alley-oop with a 6 year-old, while other kids called him by his first name yelling, “Jordan! Jordan! Look!” as they shoot their shot, hoping JC would see and acknowledge them with a rare smile.

These little efforts made it all the more-clear, that we are going to see a much better side of him this year. Even when he’s not working, he’s working hard at getting better mentally and staying focused on the goal to be the 6th Man.

So as a fast player, who loves to run -- once he gets the ball, he’s going to bolt. And with the new leadership of the Lakers franchise and Magic Johnsons obvious fate in his abilities, JC is determined.

So to all of you trade rumor starters, don’t hold your breath because we will most definitely see the best version of Jordan Clarkson this year.