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5 SxSW Artists You’ll Love

Admin | 04/13/18

By Maria-Karmina 

Did you miss out on all of the amazing performers at SxSW Conference & Music Festival this year? Kelela, an Ethiopian-American singer has been excelling in her respective genre since 2013, with the success of her two mixtapes ‘Cut for Me’ and ‘Hallucinogen’, and this year she bears her vulnerability once more in her awaited debut album ‘Take Me Apart.’ If you haven’t followed her artistically pleasing Instagram, please do so here


Ruby Ibarra is also one-to-watch, as she dominates in her lyricism and flows. Heavily influenced by Tupac, Eminem and Wu Tang – Ruby Ibarra is an artist who is creating her own path through her powerful storytelling.

To find out more about Ruby Ibarra, click here

Tinashe. What can we say about this beautiful, dimpled angel? Well, just that. But Tinashe is not just easy on the eyes, she is also a talented singer and dancer who has climbed the top of the music charts fairly quickly. Now with the upcoming release of her album titled, ‘JOYRIDE’ on April 13th, Tinashe doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So you should enjoy the ride with her here

After the viral success of Oceans Eyes and Bored featuring on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, rising singer Billie Eilish (pronounced: eye-lish), has a smooth voice reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, that will make you vibe like you’re high on life. If you close your eyes and listen to her track ‘Burn,’ something will hit your senses to make you realize that she just might be the next big thing. She’s currently Apple’s “Artist to Watch” and she should be on your radar too. To find more on Billie Eilish, log on to her website

Last but not least, is the Texas native, Khalid. Reigning out of El Paso, Texas – this young R&B singer behind the hit single “American Teen” is now a 5-time Grammy nominee. If that’s not enough of a reason for you to follolw this stars journey, we don’t know what is


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