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ChopChicks, LDN

Admin | 03/26/18

By Maria-Karmina

Our very own, Rayson Esquejo went on a quick Euro trip to check out what was new and reminisce on the historical old. In his journey through London, he ran into fellow Californians who have transplanted themselves in the culture of Big Ben on their own journey; a culinary journey. They call themselves “Chop Chicks in Paris”. Diana, Jocelyn and Melissa were just three Asian girls who crossed paths as food lovers in Paris who are determined to find the utmost authentic flavors of their cultures. I’m sure many of us have family overseas too, so you may be thinking to yourself, “So what makes them so special?” From China, Taiwan and California to Paris, what sets these three women apart is their goal to create a community around this passion of culinary adventures, so Diana, Jocelyn and Melissa invite 3 complete strangers to join them at a new restaurant every week. If you’d like to learn more about them or even RSVP for one of their adventures, follow them on their journey here

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