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Consumer Electronic Show

Admin | 03/26/18
By Jay-Arr Ines

Are you a tech head looking to catch up on what the newest and best technology being released this year? Look no further than the City of Sin as they hosted the annual Consumer Electronic Show or better known as CES. The weekend convention brought out all the heavy hitters in the electronic industry from Samsung, Sony, LG, Google and many more. The next wave of digital electronics is upon us with TV’s as thin as a credit card and smart appliances such as a fridge being able to tell you what to cook for dinner based on the contents inside.

I was sent out to check out this new digital world, along with my fellow Myx TV colleague, Richie Greenfield. Check us out as we attempt to navigate through the sea of tech and try to stay up to date with fast growing world of digital technology. Will we prevail? Will we come out with a better understanding of the newest tech? Will we even be able to get in?

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