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Disney vs. Pixar Bracket: The Real March Madness

Admin | 04/05/18

By Maria-Karmina

March Madness is almost down to the final 4 for sports, but it’s just beginning for the Disney vs. Pixar bracket.

This bracket pitting Disney and Pixar films against each other, is actually tearing Disney fanatics apart. Where did it all begin? Well, one fan on Twitter Jolley Rancher tweeted a pic with the caption “Let’s discuss.” And oh did the fans discuss.

The fan took it upon himself to fill out a bracket full of dozens of Disney-Pixar classic films from the Disney vault which led to the controversy in the selections for the winners, who are again -- frustrating die-hard Disney buffs.

For example, a lot of people are confused as to how the highest-grossing animated movies of all time “The Lion King,” didn’t make it further and got beaten out by Mandy Moore’s “Tangled”; which continued as the bracket proceeded. Even a Pixar employee @That_Guy83  jumped in on the controversy by tweeting, “No Cinderella or Peter Pan? This bracket was definitely made by someone born in the 90’s”

And who was the winner out of all of the classics? Monsters, Inc. Yes, this Monsters, Inc.


So what is with the seeding? As AP said, is this Disney Pixar movie madness? '
What do you guys think?