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Farina Aguinaldo

Admin | 03/26/18

By Jay-Arr Ines

Farina Aguinaldo is a simple beauty, who loves the simple things. A great face mask, cute affordable outfits, make-up and tacos. The self-proclaimed mermaid is loving life and sharing all her beauty and fashion secrets to the world on her YouTube channel. Along with her How-To’s, you can also expect to find hauls, unboxings and challenges all over her page.

Vlogging is also a love of Farina’s as she gives her fans an up close and personal look into her daily life. You’ll find her brother and mom occasionally making guest appearances in her vlogs, along with her occasional trip to the Myx TV studio! Be sure to keep a look out for her face as more content featuring Farina is in the works! Make sure you follow her on her Instagram and YouTube pages to see what else she has coming up!

Instagram: @farina.aguinaldo

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