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Admin | 03/26/18

By Jay-Arr Ines

West Coast burger chain, In-N-Out, is a must have for tourist and locals alike. For close to 70 years, one of the secrets to In-N-Out success is their simple, yet delicious menu comprised of burgers, fries, shakes and fountain drinks. Locals and burger enthusiast all know about their secret menu which are basically creative concoctions of what’s already on the menu. It’s rare that In-N-Out adds a new item to their menu, although lemonade did get added only 15 years ago.

Well with the winter months well upon us, In-N-Out, has decided to add a cozy hot beverage drink. Hot cocoa is now available at In-N-Out! It’s technically not a new item, as the burger chain did carry hot cocoa back in the 1950’s. This version is made by Chocolate company Ghiradelli and is available with or without mini marshmallows. The warm, soothing drink will be available year-round and as an added treat, free for children under the age of 12 on those rainy days. Check out these 5 creative ways to enjoy your In-N-Out hot cocoa!

Source: Eater

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