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Is Bae feeding you crumbs? Breadcrumbing is For Losers According to Love & Gen Y 2.0

Admin | 06/08/18
By Mycah Alice

Nope, these are not the kind of breadcrumbs you’ll find in your momma’s kitchen and they’re not nearly as tasty either.


According to dating expert Carmelia Ray, breadcrumbing is the act of leading someone on without the intention of committing to them, thus the breadcrumb trail.

Nasty right? We’ve all been there. A special someone suddenly hits you up and establishes connection to ultimately confuse you in the end. As we dive into the dating scene, it is inevitable to cross paths with those who will just use you for an ego boost. So singletons, a word of caution: Be on guard of those breadcrumbers disguised as great love potentials.


Figure out if you are one of the victims of breadcrumbing as Carmelia and the gang further explains in this video:

Remember, the right person won’t keep you guessing, they will do anything just to keep you. You don’t deserve to be with someone who gives you time just when it’s convenient for them. So, in the words of our millennials, if bae is giving you nothing but breadcrumb trails, find another bae.


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