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Kobe Paras

Admin | 03/26/18

By Jay-Arr Ines

Basketball is no doubt, one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports played in the Philippines. The team sport is loved and played by millions across the globe. Many play with dreams of reaching the pinnacle of basketball leagues. The NBA. For a country so in love with the sport, they are on the cusp of possibly realizing the feeling of having the first full born Filipino playing in NBA hardwood arenas. Cue, basketball sensation, Kobe Paras.

Son of PBA great Benjie Paras, Kobe will have a whole country rooting for him as he attempts to scale the ranks of basketball greatness. Born in Quezon City Philippines, Kobe moved out to the US at the age of 15. After high school, the highly sought after basketball wunderkind honed his craft at Creighton before transferring back to California to Cal State University Northridge where he’s currently red-shirting. Basketball fans can hardly wait to see this Filipino sensation balling it up with the big boys!

Source: Kobe Paras Wikipedia

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