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Millennials Talk How to Get Over an Ex - Love & Gen Y 2.0

Admin | 04/25/18

By Mycah Alice

We all have our whys when it comes to exes but how do you really get over one messy heartbreak? The millennials show you how it’s done.

It is never easy getting over someone who once swept you off your feet but what do you do when the happy ending to your almost perfect love story turns into a tragic nightmare? First of all, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world (even if it feels like it). You know that feeling when you wake up and all you want to do is just breakdown and cry?


Well, good news, you have every right to do so, so go ahead and cry your heart out. It may seem like it’s going to take forever to get over but remember that it’s only in the dark of night where you’ll see the stars. By that we mean, keep your head up bruh! You’ll get through!


Next, once you’re done with all the sulking, give yourself a chance and piece yourself back together! Don’t be afraid to face the world single, that’s what your family and friends are for. Invest in yourself and try out things that you’ve always wanted to try. Get to know yourself and be happy because the best gift you can give yourself is self-love, take it from these millennials:

So whether it’s getting under someone to get over someone or being BFFs with your trusty delivery guy, trust us, at the end of this god-awful chapter you’ll find yourself wiser, happier and ready for yet another amazing adventure



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