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People Confess to Online Stalking - Love & Gen Y 2.0

Admin | 06/29/18
By Mycah Alice

Now a day the answers to where, who, and why someone can be seemingly gathered through photo, images and online posts.


This increase in public information has lead millennials to act as FBI agents on their potential partners and lovers… But is it healthy?

Some may say Online Stalking is a waste of time and others may disagree. We guess it depends on your situation. But one of the greatest thing about dating is getting to know your partner as time goes by. Stalking someone online doesn’t give you that exciting feeling of having something in common because you already know what your partner likes without striking up a conversation with them first, and that peeps is one of the cons. But on the other hand, online stalking may also be a good thing especially if your gut tells you something fishy is going on with your chosen hot prospect.

Ultimately, it all depends on how responsible you are as a social media citizen. What do you think? Speak your mind at the comments section below!

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