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Ryan Gallagher and Jeserey Sanchez

Admin | 03/26/18

By Maria-Karmina

Prepare to be blown away by Jeserey Sanchez and Ryan Gallagher as they perform a cover of Ed Sheeran's “Perfect” in our very own Myx Studio sessions.  As the young songstress and model, begins her soulful rendition, Jeserey Sanchez manages her voice completely in tune with the strum of the guitar. Within minutes of the symphony, the all American hearthrob, Ryan Gallagher seamlessly enters the song with his Andr√© Bocelli-esc performance, singing his verse in all Italian. It’s the perfect blend of English and Italian, and lot like love, this song is proof that music connects all people and knows no boundaries.  Simply put, Ryan Gallagher lived up to the legendary bold voice of Andrea Bocelli while Jeserey Sanchez put her elegant spin on Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. What can we say, this was just … perfect! 

Stream or download the full MP3 version here



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