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The Real Reason Behind "March For Our Lives"

Admin | 03/28/18

By Maria-Karmina

More than half a million people gathered in front of our Nation’s Capital for “March For Our Lives,” on top of the 800 hundred sister marches that gathered in their own cities to march for theirs, in unity. Students from the Florida High School (The Douglas Community) where a gunman killed 17 people in February led the march, calling for gun control in the wake of the massacre.

“March For Our Lives” came about as new analysis from The Washington Post

(Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)

found that, “more than 187, 000 students attending at least 193 primary or secondary schools experiences a shooting on campus during school hours.”

These young adults have made more noise than any other march in the history of our generation. At the rally, that was broadcast on live television, Emma Gonzalez was the front runner of sharing the political shift toward progressive ideals, showing new characteristics of Millennials. After naming the 17 victims of the massacre, Emma Gonzalez stood in silence, whilst setting a stop clock within the same amount of time that the shooting lasted. She ended with these words and I will end with them as well, “Fight for your lives, before it’s someone else’s job.”

Credit Source: SunJournal



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