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Unlisted with Robi and Sue

Admin | 11/06/19

Unknown paradise awaits.

An iWant Orignal Docu Series features places about and around the 7000 and counting islands of the PH with Robi Domingo and Sue Ramirez. The two go on a unique adventure discovering places not known to many. As what the show’s tagline says, they are focusing on places “off the beaten path” not only to tourists but also to locals.

Underrated gems.

Escolta, Rizal, Capiz, and Samar may be a little unusual to be called as a tourist destination but Robi and Sue prove you otherwise. They dig in to unusual yet yummy eats and dig deep to the places almost everyone has never been to. Whether it’s by plane, by land or by sea, Unlisted is taking you to a whole new journey that you’ll surely add to your bucket list.


There is definitely a whole lot more to the Philippines than meets the eye, you just have to look harder and take a chance on going off the grid and off the path. Available on TFC Online, Unlisted shows us that a destination is just as good as its history. You can watch this unique series along with other lifestyle and travel shows for free  when you register here​




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