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Master P Headlines The Bank Sale 5th Anniversary

Master P Headlines The Bank Sale 5th Anniversary
By Maria-Karmina

In celebration of their 5th year Anniversary, CEO Ricky and business partner Joe have held down one of the most highly anticipated expos of the year, headlining the legendary, Master P. Can you say,

“Make ‘em say uuugggghhhh!”

Rather than trade shows more commonly known in the fashion industry like The Agenda Trade Show or Magic Trade Show where brands become somewhat private marketplaces for contemporary apparel; The Bank Sale Consumer Streetwear Expo (also referenced as, “TBS”) on the other hand doesn’t like to leave anyone out, as it is open to the public.
Being the premiere independent expo., TBS gives the opportunity for clothing and designing vendors to showcase their products to the masses who enter the event.
Amongst the alumni’s, newer brands like Patches and Pins, Milk Embroidery and Heisman Legends were in the building and after getting a chance to talk to a few of them, Hip Hop legend, Master P walks out of his panel to chat. When asked what continues to motivate him to make a change in the community, Master P states:

““…knowing that where I come from, I’m a living example and witness that you can change, you can be better…we never know who’s the next super star, so we don’t want to pass that up.””

Well if that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.